PostcodeIT_UK web-service provides functions to obtain address(es) from postcodes. To keep the method calls tidy, the service makes use of SoapHeaders. Set up your SoapHeader with your CustomerId, LicenceKey and MachineId. (Customers with individual licences will require to provide the MachineId. Per Click licences and Unlimited use licences can leave the MachineId as an empty string).

In the response to a method call you will generally obtain a ResultCode (int) and a ResultDescription (string). A ResultCode of 0 is a success, any other code indicates a failure and the description of the failure will be placed in ResultDescription. Any unhandled exceptions will cause a SoapException to be thown.

The service makes use of the PAF™ (Postal Address File). The PAF is © of the Royal Mail and use of this service is governed by their end user licence agreement. All users of the service must obtain the approptiate licences. Please contact for further information on licencing

The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please review the Service Description.